This poem was written as a mode of encouragement to myself during my times of self doubt and insecurities in life. Through my abiding faith and the belief in the unexpected, I pursue the will to live life to the fullest with love, hope and victory as a warrior and survivor. (1).jpg

Be still my heart – breathe in, breathe out – let it all go, inside and out.

Dare to speak. Speak to listen. Listen to learn.

Learn to inspire.Β  Inspire to change. Change for hope within.

Be still my mind – listen to the quietness around, within the surroundings,

Hear the noises of inspired chants, whistling winds and joyous voices.

Be still my body – looking for the imperfections, the flaws, the lust for satisfaction in living.

Touch me, feel me, see me, hear me, love me!

I am empowered for myself as love deepens.