This poem was written in honor and as a tribute to the legacy of my family particularly my parents who has been married for 46 years and counting and my siblings and especially my heartbeats my nephew and niece. My love for my family is very important to me since they are my legacy and my bloodline. Through them, I have learned wisdom, courage, laughter, spiritual guidance and just have that love and support of a strong family with prayer and God’s amazing grace and mercy.

The love of a Family is truly tested in the statement, “A family that prays together stays together,”


It can stand tall against all odds, no matter how strong the force.

Within a blink of an eye, the love of a family can change lives forever.

The love of a family is very unique to me because families will be there for you, not by choice.

As we engaged in shared laughter and lively conversation, we often reflect on the fond memories we faced as a family.

We have continued to carry the wisdom of our ancestors with the incredible bond in understanding patience and friendship.

Through growth, acceptance and the belief in God,we know it is the love of a family that can overcome any hardship.