The poem Hope in Victory was written during a period where I faced my darkest life moments and struggled with personal obstacles. Throughout this, I rise up as a warrior of triumph with love, faith and hope.

I have been in the deepest valley, to the lowest part of hell,

Struggling through the fire, I stretched out my hand,

As my body is burning out of control, I simply yell, “Help!”

Yet, help was not to come as planned.

Crying out to anyone who would listen, I began to pray – praying for my life.

Praying for the courage, the strength, the belief in God to survive.

Suddenly, I hear a voice saying clearly to me, ” You are my child!” “Trust and believe in Me!”

Then, with all of my might, I climb higher and higher, pushing toward my destiny.

Rising above the burning flames, I now stand as a warrior of hope in victory.