The poem Womanhood was written in honor and tribute to all women everywhere who has shown strength, loyalty and confidence along with respect and courage to survive life itself.

To the one who is humble and sincere within,

Stepping into a room, you make everyone wants to look back again,

Because you possess wisdom that none can compare,

It is this that make even a baby stare,

Radiance. Creativity.


These are the gifts that only you provide.

You show an unique glow that everyone can see,

But you are indeed remarkable and is one that cannot be denied.

Through friendship, one can demonstrate true love and sisterhood.

Since one is indeed represent wisdom, integrity and what makes goodness and essential,

Because I know that whatever you give only comes from up above like it should.

So, today we are celebrating and paying tribute to the life of womanhood – a true sister to the heart.

Yet, what should we do for her?

I do not know, but I can only give her warmth, laughter and fun right from the start.