The poem Total Chaos was written during a period where I was facing my fears, doubts about the current social plight of gun violence and senseless crimes. I believe that the world can be cruel through its negativity and everrday chaos; however, life is indeed too short to put all this to shame.


Stop! Look! Listen!

Shout and be heard!

The people of the world today are killing, killing, killing,

Killing one another with guns and knives,

Killing one another with all types of weapons including words.

Killing one another without thought and action destroying lives.

Stop! Look! Listen!

Shout and be heard!

We are dying so young in order to achieve a hopeful dream in living.

It is time not to give up on that desire, drive and love within not to hate.

So, let us wake up and realize that all this killing is not worth life’s wait.