The poem Trouble in the Midst of Triumph was wriiten during a period within my life where IΒ  faced my darkest moments, nearly losing it. With my strong and abiding faith and belief in the unexpected, I carry the will to live boldly as a testimony for my true blessings to come forth.

All I see in the world is trouble,

Trouble is over here, trouble is over there,
Trouble is now coming out from everywhere.
Yet the enemy is coming out to hurt, kill and destroy!
Who can help me in my refuge?
No one but the Lord.
For He is the protector against my trouble.
He is right there for me, fighting on the double.
With a double portion of strength, wisdom and power flowing overboard.
Through faith, love, hope and victory in hand, I will rise up and be comforted,
Yet it is growing inside with increase as I overcome as a warrior of trouble in the midst of triumph.