The poem What can I do for You? was written as my first post on Facebook in  January 2018 after getting off social media for a year while battling several health challenges and personal struggles. Throughout all this, I conquer and overcome these as a survivor and warrior of life.

What can I do for you but cry,emilycando

Sit and cry for no reason why.

Because you have lost the one you love to such much pain,

What can I do for you but shout,

Shout for joy and give Him praise,

For He has given me more blessings enough to put the devil out,

What can I do for you but give thanks from up above,

Thank you for strength, good health and peace of mind in life,

For it would be impossible to survive it all without your love.

What can I do for you but pray,

Pray until something happens whether good or bad, in all we do for one another,

For prayer is the key to unlocking better days.