The poem Legacy was written in honor and tribute to my heartbeats my nephew Darian and my niece Olivia Grace O’Neil. They are my bloodline and will carry out its legacy in their own unique way with intelligence, bravery and humor. Throughout my life, I am grateful and proud of who I am as a woman with great destiny to come forth with blessings.


What can I leave in this world that really matters?

I could leave love,

Since love is in all things.

I could leave hope,

Since it has endured in all strife.

I could leave thanks,

Giving honor and respect to those who have paved the way for life.

Maybe I could leave a simple word – Legacy.

To create something which spreads to those in the future,

To my family, my friends and the world abound,

I would like to leave a legacy of love, hope and thanks to carry all around.