The poem Family was written in childhood after spending time with family at reunions. As I grew older, I appreciate the love and blessings to become a part of a family where one is loved, shared joyous times and sorrowful pains as well cherished precious memories.

A family is like a tree,

It stands on its own.

Its roots are planted within each household,

Its branches and leaves extend to each family.

A family is like a jewel,

It is filled with a warm glow,

For its shine is like gold,

Yet, it is pretty enough to hold, but dangerous to lose.

A family is like a warrior,

It protects and tries to keep everyone around them safe,

It fights to the ends of the earth to keep its own pace,

But its determination carries on stronger and stronger.

Most of all, a family represents unity,

A family cares, shares and experience life,

It shows grace, faith and love to protect each other from strife,

But only the belief in God can do this,

Since He is the head of all families.