The poem Special Memories was written in honor and tribute to my grandfather William O’Neil,Sr., known affectionately as Bubba on his obituary. I recalled memories of him speaking and sharing Christian poetry in church and throughout the local community. His love for this type of poetry gave me inspiration, encouragement and motivation to myself to write poetry in childhood as well others all around in life. I truly appreciate the lessons learned in his life’s stories and his memory will be forever cherished within my heart.

Children laughing, playing, having fun while adults discuss the latest news.

In all times, you have been there for us, so true and blue.

Whenever we felt sad or lonely, your ever-present grace and smile has truly indeed brought us a little ray of sunshine to our cloudy days.

You have always said that if we put our trust in God, then it will become brighter.

Though we know that you are no longer with us, we still treasured how you make us laugh, cry and gave us comfort inside our hearts.

You have inspired us to learn courage, love, and happiness through your life’s stories.

Through wise advice, joyous times and sorrowful pains, you will be indeed cherished within our special memories.