This poem began as a random quote that I would say to my family and friends. I would say this since many people saw me as a person who was often shy and introvert yet very resourceful when necessary. However I wrote this poem during a time of self reflection and self awareness after experiencing and overcoming challenges and inner struggles throughout life. Even though it may seems as if I was all cool, calm and collected on the outside; yet, through these challenges and struggles has tested and questioned my faith and self worth and even placed doubts in achieving my professional and personal goals in life. I am a woman who has experienced pain, hope and especially love and has claimed triumph and victory as a warrior and survivor of life itself. Thanks again for the love and support and much appreciated.

Everyone sees me as a person in pain,


But I see pain as a mode of overcoming battles,

For pain is learning from those battles in life’s gain.

Everyone sees me as a person in hope,

Living a life filled with joy and peace in all things,

Through faith and trust, I can conquer anything and not give up.

Everyone sees me as a person in love,

Love for people, love for things,

Love in receiving blessings and giving thanks to the Lord.

For in all these things, pain, hope and love is meaningful indeed,

Since they are truly a part of just being me.